Recruitment in Sports

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Who We Are

We are a sports recruitment company for organizations wanting top level coaches to excel their business.

What Sets Up Apart

InDepth knowledge of the sport & business industry globally

Our experience in sports and business makes us unique in the market.

Wide network of professionals

Our network consists of world class coaches in all major sports.

Solid comprehension of the business and its jobs specificities

Makes us have a better understanding what our clients needs to excel their business.

Why Us

We are your partners for growth.

Challenging the conventional

We challenge and develop organizations by providing new perspectives and ways of thinking. As an Executive Search partner, we question traditional thought patterns and outdated assumptions. Internally, we have the same approach to our own methods and behaviours. We continuously challenge all parts of our work processes and are eager to find new approaches. This way, we constantly increase the quality and efficiency of our delivery and the value that we add to our clients’ businesses.

Discovering great leaders

Our core business is and will continue to be the recruitment of great leaders. Identifying and establishing contact with potential leaders has never been as easy as in today’s connected society. But making a qualitative and in-depth analysis of the role and organization in question, evaluating and executing a competence-based selection of relevant candidates and anticipating their future performance in the role, is much more difficult. We rely on our solid recruitment experience, on validated research and on our powerful testing tools, to continue doing what we do best: discovering great leaders.

Improving the lives of many

A well-executed recruitment has the potential to create ripple effects far beyond our client’s management team. By matching the right leader to the right position, not only do we improve the life of the leader and his or her family, but also for direct reports and close colleagues as well as other colleagues in the company and their families. We thus contribute to a productive, prosperous and sustainable society and labour market. Within our own organization, we work continuously to develop and improve our culture and work environment, enabling all our employees to enjoy the best time in their careers.